About Us

About Us

Paya Niro Kosha Technical and Engineering Company was registered on 25/03/2013 with registration number 406491 and national ID number 10320574618 and economic code 411384456956 in the General Directorate of Registration of Companies and Non-Commercial Institutions in Tehran and currently has twenty billion rials of registered capital amounting to One hundred and fifty billion rials are all kinds of equipment and machines.
With its twelve years of professional experience, this company has completed various projects in the city of Tehran and most of the cities of Tehran province. Currently, this company has full-time and part-time experts, experienced associates and skilled executive personnel in various specialties in its specialized team, and it has been recognized as a qualified contractor and has a water, building and road rating from the country’s program and budget organization and has The certificates of operation and maintenance of drinking water facilities, reservoirs, distribution network and branches of drinking water and water transmission lines are from the country’s water and sewage engineering company, and the safety qualification certificate is from the Ministry of Cooperation, Labor and Social Welfare.
Paya Niro Kosha Technical and Engineering Company, with more than twelve years of experience and cooperation with more than twenty state water and sewage companies and municipalities of different regions in various fields, is ready to provide specialized services with high quality and using quality management systems. It has ISO. The managers and experts of this company have always tried to contribute to the improvement of the knowledge and professional experience of the personnel by using various skills, and thanks to that, Paya Niro Kosha is now one of the leading contractors in Iran with a reliable history of The opinion of quality, efficiency, effectiveness and safety in the implementation of infrastructure projects.
Paya Niro Kosha Company is a combination of knowledge, expertise, and experience to provide quality services to customers, and we believe that the development of the company will not be realized without relying on capable and expert human resources. In this regard, efforts in the direction of customer orientation, improving the quality of services, employee satisfaction and ensuring the benefits of the users of the services provided, is not a slogan, but a belief for us. Developing development policies in order to achieve the ultimate goal of Paya Niro Kosha Company, which is creating the highest value for customers and obtaining their maximum satisfaction, is on our agenda, and for this purpose, increasing productivity, continuous improvement, improving knowledge and Cost reduction is one of the priorities and programs of the managers of Paya Niro Kosha Company, and in the meantime, the company, as an economic enterprise and having useful experiences, always tries to take steps towards its growth and excellence in order to provide maximum satisfaction to its customers.

Message From Head Manger

What has been rightly imprinted in the public opinion of our country is that the water crisis is one of the major challenges of the country and is considered a serious threat to Iran’s several thousand-year-old civilization. Paya Niro Kosha Co., as one of the Iranian companies providing engineering services for the country’s water industry, is proud to be involved in many projects of modification and development of transmission lines, distribution networks and branches of drinking water, exploitation, outsourcing and maintenance projects since 2013. From transmission lines, distribution networks and branches of water and sewage, preventive maintenance and repair projects (PM) of all electrical and mechanical equipment of wells, reservoirs and pumping stations, as well as management and operation of this industry has played a role. With the huge support of its capable personnel and specialized teams, this company has submissively put its power in the service of providing engineering solutions for the country’s water crisis.

Mohammad Hamed Esmaili

Managing Director of Paya Niro Kosha Company


By carrying out national-class infrastructure projects, Paya Niro Kosha Company accompanies its customers in creating value and a better life.
And with the support of a group of efficient experts, as a general contractor, operator and investor, he uses his valuable knowledge and experience in achieving energy, water, transportation and civil projects.
The goal of Paya Niro Kosha managers is to become an international civil company, expert and experienced in implementing large projects. We cover a wide range of civil works and as a result of our recent experiences in various civil fields, expert colleagues and modern equipment, we can create value for employers in a wide range of civil fields.


  • Customer orientation and attracting the opinion of municipalities and water and sewage companies
  • Increasing the quality of the company’s services in the field of project implementation and management
  • Paying special attention to human resources in terms of education and increasing productivity and improving living conditions
  • Increasing activity in other civil fields

Key Values

  • Customer Orientation
  • Trustworthy
  • Honesty

Growth Values

  • Welcoming and supporting diversity
  • Team work
  • Meritocracy
  • Dynamic and forward-looking planning
  • Organisational Learning
  • Decision making based on collective wisdom
  • Appropriate use of the capacity of the national network of contractors, manufacturers and sellers

Quality management

Paya Niro Kosha emphasizes the endless commitment to quality, maintaining and improving health, paying attention to safety everywhere and protecting the environment in all goals, activities and work areas, and to the rights of employees, interests of shareholders, environmental protection, participation It respects society and the rights of suppliers, contractors and society, and in this connection, participates in many humanitarian and charitable activities on a voluntary basis. In addition, the company emphasizes sharing expertise with other industries, creating equal job opportunities for job applicants from different cultures, religions, and ethnicities, and efficient use of energy and other natural resources. Sustainability is a prerequisite for the steady achievement of business goals.
Among the measures taken in quality management:

  • Implementation of process maps in different departments of the company
  • Preparing the policy document and updating it
  • Periodic assessment of employers’ satisfaction and registration and follow-up of warnings
  • The need for personnel training assessment and necessary planning in this regard
  • Recording the results and experiences of projects in the form of knowledge management
  • Controlling the amount of time and cost deviation of projects
  • Conduct internal audit of processes and follow up on non-conformities
  • Preparation of continuous improvement programs in order to improve the quality of services
  • Measuring the achievement of the company’s annual quality goals in management review meetings
  • Continuous updating of documents and documents of the integrated management system

HSE management

  • Performing periodical examinations of employees
  • Obtaining the health certificate of service personnel
  • Holding fire and earthquake drills
  • Conducting preliminary fire fighting training courses
  • Preparing and equipping PPE items for workshop personnel
  • Preparation and charging of fire extinguishers periodically
  • Annual audit of implementation methods in the head office and workshops
  • Updating and fixing the non-compliance cases of the company’s internal and annual audits