Our Services

The subject and fields of activity of the company are

  • Improvement and development of transmission lines, distribution networks and branches of drinking water and sewage,
    operation, outsourcing and maintenance of transmission lines, distribution networks and water and sewage branches

  • Preventive maintenance and repairs (PM) of all electrical and mechanical equipment of wells, reservoirs and pumping stations

  • Construction of bridges, tunnels, roads, drilling, drainage, leveling and implementation of reservoirs

  • Implementation of all construction works including demolition, piling, excavation, construction of concrete frame and metal frame buildings, implementation of interior and facade architecture, implementation of all electrical and mechanical installations.

Quality management

Paya Niro Kosha emphasizes the endless commitment to quality, maintaining and improving health, paying attention to safety everywhere and protecting the environment in all goals, activities and work areas, and to the rights of employees, interests of shareholders, environmental protection, participation It respects society and the rights of suppliers, contractors and society, and in this connection, participates in many humanitarian and charitable activities on a voluntary basis. In addition, the company emphasizes sharing expertise with other industries, creating equal job opportunities for job applicants from different cultures, religions, and ethnicities, and efficient use of energy and other natural resources. Sustainability is a prerequisite for the steady achievement of business goals.

Among the measures taken in quality management


  • Implementation of process maps in different departments of the company
  • Preparing the policy document and updating it
  • Periodic assessment of employers’ satisfaction and registration and follow-up of warnings
  • The need for personnel training assessment and necessary planning in this regard
  • Recording the results and experiences of projects in the form of knowledge management
  • Controlling the amount of time and cost deviation of projects
  • Conduct internal audit of processes and follow up on non-conformities
  • Preparation of continuous improvement programs in order to improve the quality of services
  • Measuring the achievement of the company’s annual quality goals in management review meetings
  • Continuous updating of documents and documents of the integrated management system